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The new C6 led Dongfeng Citroen shine Chengdu auto show as the western region’s largest, highest annual car event, the nineteenth Chengdu international auto show opening soon. Dongfeng Citroen all models of full participation by the new enjoy limousine led by C6, T C5, a new era of the new articles C4L, C4, C3-XR, the new Elysee SEGA and imported cars Citroen new C4 PICASSO together with the debut, go to a "different pleasure" car feast for the majority of consumers in Southwest china. As the car comfort and comfort to consumers to upgrade, Citroen released CAC (CITROË N ADVANCED COMFORT) Citroen leading comfortable design concept of global product R & D, it will guide the design direction of Citroen products in the world. As CAC under the concept of the first strategic product, a new generation of Citroen’s flagship C6 system design based on CAC’s 4 core consumer interests: comfortable, convenient, clean, simple and complete interpretation of MI, CAC global product design concept, is a "meet the full range of comfortable" luxury car, not only bring to the user is the body feeling comfortable, but also spiritual comfort. Over the past century, Citroen adhering to the spirit of innovation, and constantly create a superior, forward-looking known high-end models, creating a new era of a new comfortable experience. C6 heritage Citroen 88 years of high-end car essence, is the highest level of product system products. Since Dongfeng Citroen C6 unveiled at the Beijing auto show, has aroused widespread concern, it has become B+ car market with the new LaCrosse, three new magotan. C6 brings together the global advantage of PSA resources, and for the Chinese consumer demand for research, according to the characteristics of China to complete the full road test, is a fully meet the needs of the Chinese market car. Located in the new Dongfeng more enjoy senior car Citroen C6, break through the limitations of the traditional in the senior car configuration and design, provide a higher level of comfortable driving experience for consumers. Please visit the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, No. four exhibition hall Citroen & Dongfeng Citroen joint booth.相关的主题文章: