Deyang woman was killed in front of her ex husband killed because of playing mahjong lost more than coreldraw快捷键大全

Deyang woman was killed by suspected cohabitation ex husband cut neck playing mahjong lost 100 yuan Guanghan woman playing cards lost 100 yuan by her ex husband cut neck killing Friday (4 days) evening, Guanghan (micro-blog), even the town murder occurred, a middle-aged woman living together to open a restaurant with a knife ex husband killed in their old mother and father. The cause, perhaps just because the dead in the afternoon playing mahjong lost more than and 100 dollars. 46 year old Lee was originally Guanghan goldfish Town, married more than 20 years ago, even the town. Daughter 4 years old, her husband died of illness, but Lee did not leave the house, has been on behalf of the deceased husband to take care of their parents in law. Lee’s mother said, their daughter-in-law relationship is very good, 20 years they never quarreled. After the death of her husband 4 years, Lee was introduced and divorced his own age and Jintang (micro-blog), a man Xue family. Xuemou with her 7 year old daughter married into the Lee family. For some time, the combination of the 4 families have been more normal. Two years ago, the couple two people in the town even opened a restaurant, Lee’s parents have been in the store to help. Lee occasionally play small mahjong, Xue then love to drink, although the store business is good, but the feelings of two people gradually have cracks. Last June, Xuemou in the store when they face the wife manhandled, took the chair and even beat his wife, also put a knife to the neck of his wife, but this did not start. A month later, two people divorce. But could not resist Xuemou blandishments, Lee and Xuemou continue to live, together with this restaurant. In order to express their sincere repentance, Xuemou often take the initiative to cast Lee, help about the game. This month, 4, that is, the same day the incident, Xue let Lee to the hotel next to the teahouse playing cards. 6 pm, Lee under the table back to the store, Xuemou immediately put Lee called into the restaurant inside the debris, concerned about the victory to play cards. Is the store to help Lee’s parents heard the daughter told Xuemou said he lost more than and 100 dollars, unexpectedly Xuemou began to scold: "you don’t use, others soon rushed out, and then pour Li at the door of the blood. Xue riding a motorcycle wanted to run, two old man too late to catch up with the escape of Xue, ran into the house to see her daughter, found her daughter kept gushing blood, how can not stop. Eventually, Lee unfortunately died on the spot. The local police station after receiving the alarm, at the scene of a few hundred meters from the old Hill Bridge will suspect Xuemou control. Currently, the local police have launched a further investigation of the case. Deyang (micro-blog) City radio and television reporter Lin Yongbing, Liu Jin相关的主题文章: