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The content + user time deprived – Sohu Technology Abstract: when the mobile Internet is the demographic dividend disappeared, the accumulation of users and seize the flow of the war has ended, the time of users to become the second giant battlefield opened. The media reported in November 4th the Gao Chunliang camp | content + electricity supplier, prospects? The information platform to support policies, to seize the high-quality content have launched a variety of headline number, a number: number, number, number, 100 NetEase Phoenix, UC, Sohu from the media, public number QQ. Business platform of Jingdong and Alibaba have explored the content providers, its essence is to explore the reading scene shopping, reading for the analysis of user preferences, push may be interested in, improve transaction conversion rate, achieve precision marketing effect. At present, the content of electricity supplier outbreak, from the media platform, user needs, and brand four together. The content of consumption mainstream mobile reading 2016 is the most intense war a year, today’s headlines were very influential, the first Tencent, Tencent Daily Express News, QQ and WeChat, the number of public full-scale; after the case of "China network news" the father of Chen Tong led a little information to fight. At the same time, Ali Baidu also did not idle down, UC will turn all the headlines into the browser mode, and deliberately launched a pure content client UC headlines; Baidu at any time affect the search experience in Baidu search APP plus information flow. Competition for mobile content distribution platform, in fact, is the contention of the user’s time, the more the content meets the needs of users, the higher the user stickiness, stay longer. According to data provider QuestMobile data, mobile applications per capita monthly usage of the top 2 are: WeChat, today’s headlines. According to Zhang Yiming introduction, today’s headlines each users daily use more than 76 minutes long, short video has more than pictures and photos, become the largest content form of today’s headlines. Facts have proved that the content platform is the most user stickiness outside the social product. The major content in addition to platform layout is to increase the flow entrance, more intention is to optimize the flow, intensive and meticulous farming. Content recommendation as a means recently, Alibaba announced fiscal second quarter earnings, for the first time not mentioned in the earnings data GMV. This may mean that the era of pure electricity supplier is coming to an end, the electricity supplier growth, content, broadcast into a new power. Online traffic more expensive, while the mobile Internet demographic dividend is gradually disappearing. With American CEO Wang Xing’s words is: "the Internet has just begun the second half, or open up overseas markets, there may be more users; or to the original user intensive and meticulous farming, better service to create more value through each user." Throughout the electricity supplier industry, the platform has played a combination of boxing, globalization and content recommendation. To the Big Ali, down to the vertical maternal electricity providers have babe network layout. In eleven for example, Ali Fu to big data, from product recommendation, search, news source, generate the wish list in the community, recommended to consumers personalized headlines; babe babe network update eleven double grab the goods Raiders, so that mothers at any time to receive the latest information.!相关的主题文章: