Public discussion requires professional advice 月丘うさぎ

Public discussion need professional advice in the recent hot topics in public opinion, the relevant professional institutions to actively participate in a professional perspective, the voice of their own. This is a good thing. After the introduction of strict rules about the new car, immediately caused a variety of arguments. In October 24th, the National Lawyers Association issued its own opinion on the issue as a self regulating social organization in the country. Views that the Ministry of transport "Interim Measures" at present there is no higher law basis, the establishment of relevant administrative licensing, detract from the rights of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, contrary to the "legislation law" and "administrative licensing law", and all relevant departments issued the "rules" for further additional displacement, such as household registration the administrative license, the Ministry of transport is not only a violation of the "Interim Measures", in violation of the "administrative licensing law". This argument also further analyzes the "rules" and "price law", "anti-monopoly law," and other conflicts of law. The views of lawyers through professional knowledge, the interests of the people, the taxi beyond the level of specific reform, analyzes the hot issues from the perspective of the rule of law at a higher level, can be said to be the most valuable hot debate in the comments. In another tiger caused public concern after the attack in October 20th, China Consumer Association Legal Department responsible person said that the consumer is not equal to the illegal operators without responsibility. According to the "consumer protection law" the provisions of article eighteenth, to endanger the safety of person and property of the goods or services, it shall make a true statement and clear warning to consumers, explaining and indicating the correct use of goods or services, and ways to prevent harm happen. The official further explained the legal provisions, "as operators organize highly dangerous tour projects, only issued warning and the signing of the agreement is not enough, for matters involving consumer life, should take more effective measures and a degree of risk, such as vehicles for the installation of protective devices, digging trenches, isolation equipped with self-defense tools etc.. At the same time should be set up lifeguards, the allocation of anesthesia guns and other equipment." Commendable is that the two institutions professional opinion is no longer simply for the endorsement of government agencies, but follow the professional spirit, objectively and rationally speaking. The association is advice from a professional point of view to seven ministries, and the Consumer Association’s position, not only for the relevant departments of Yanqing, given the "zoo no responsibility" the investigation conclusion, but also for the current online one-sided opinion is full of hostility. This requires great courage, the current Chinese public opinion is very valuable. With the deepening of the Internet life, people get more and more right to speak, the voice is growing. However, when a lot of public opinion although agitated, has quite a lot of regret. Although the public opinion on the social media reflects the wishes of the people, but such a relatively low level of public opinion, the lack of professional knowledge, a lot of noise, valuable discussions are often covered in a hubbub. In this case, professional voice is very valuable. The views of professional institutions are relatively rational and scientific, which can promote public opinion to be more objective and more in-depth and rational thinking. Moreover, the views of professional bodies represent a common.相关的主题文章: