Nissan huashengchang Thanksgiving Sheng hui! 巴雷特m82a1

Nissan huashengchang Thanksgiving Sheng hui"! Thanksgiving Day is approaching, we held a special "thank you all the way to thank you, thank you for the special" Limited special activities, Thanksgiving new and old customers to pay the price, you do not act quickly? Details can call the hotline: 010-88460101 consulting. November 1, 2016 -12 31 [] to store gift shop to scan code to send gift; [li] enjoy the benefits of the whole car line "0" interest installment purchase [exclusive]; Li 1.6L models (Bluebird Sylphy new TIIDA) income tax free; [replacement] replacement customers enjoy the highest 13000 yuan subsidy [; the extension of Baoli Car Buying] can be extended to 5 years 150 thousand km warranty; [li] friends and old customers recommend Car Buying can receive 300 yuan maintenance points, the purchase of more eligible maximum 2000 yuan maintenance points; now free registration hotline booking in! 2016 Nissan huashengchang shop will continue to wholeheartedly serve you Beijing huashengchang franchise stores we look forward to your visit ~ double ceremony Car Buying quarter, year-end huge benefits, not to be missed, as soon as possible to the Dongfeng Nissan franchise stores huashengchang car home! Advisory hotline: 010-88460101相关的主题文章: