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Mel · Gibson doesn’t understand the movie why spend so much money on "bloody hacksaw Ling" (Wen Tiemei) Venice Tencent entertainment Zhuangao Venice Film Festival half hasn’t arrived, the media began feeling, Toronto was chasing behind rolling for several years in Venice, and finally with a "city" hacksaw "Philharmonic Ling" in several of the seed of Oscar, returned to the most discerning outpost of the column. American attitude how playfully ah. However, the fact is, no matter how frustrating, had to admit, a Hollywood star, will not affect the Watertown force, but more of a Hollywood star, enough to let the lonely Shuicheng greatly increased exposure. Mel · Gibson Tucao "Batman vs. Superman": is a shit "this stuff is crap". "Ling" has two day premiere hacksaw, Mel · Gibson also seemed to linger a word Shuicheng, can take today’s headlines. Accept "Deadline" in an interview in Venice, he carelessly said he didn’t want to know, who directed the film, who is starring. He only knows that only comic superhero was wearing high elastic fiber tights, ordinary hero will not wear, because it is too expensive. To say that peer is light, Mel · Gibson used in the routine compliment of the Hollywood, is absolutely a debris flow, then a freely anti Semitic views, will not give him trouble. Most of the media that, in recent years Mel · Gibson’s decline is caused by the remarks, because major Hollywood executives basically is the Jewish stronghold. But this year, Mel · Gibson with "hacksaw ridge" back, is also considered the Austrian red players strong. Perhaps it is for this reason that his foot and a lot of confidence. However, take a closer look at this Tucao to change the cost of super hero blockbuster too high speech, Mel · Gibson is not without reason. He used his war theme "hacksaw Ling" for example, in the movie the exchange rate advantage, only spent a total of $40 million. And his last movie, the apocalypse, took a total of $30 million. When the director has been spending too little, he does have reason to think that Batman and Superman, the $250 million spent too unworthy. The film was 870 million at the box office. Revelation harvest 120 million at the box office, is the cost of 4 times, but also in the following year Oscar won the nomination of the three technical awards. Of course, "Revelation" data from ten years ago, it is not a big change of the endless diffuse monopoly market now, "hacksaw Ling" to obtain what kind of result, Mel · Gibson in the end in the Hollywood around the Jews still mix or not to go, still have to see the final result. "When I look at these movies, I’m crazy about scratching my head. I am really how could it be not a little bewildered, spend so much money? But maybe I’d better try it myself to find out what’s different with the green screen." In the end, 60 year old Mel ·.相关的主题文章: