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Hubei black car driver has been flooded by "Fishing law enforcement" September 22nd, "and their strong as promoting development — the 2016 Hubei media politics second, Hubei Provincial Communications Department, the provincial science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of education, provincial government departments such as Industrial and Commercial Bureau asked the government to accept the. Live video shows that more than the province’s passenger taxi management confusion. In Zhushan County of Shiyan city of the county, there are many take taxi lamps of the vehicle, the taxi is actually does not have the operational qualification of the black car, the passenger vehicles have no vehicle operating permit, the cab page has no meter, there is also close to the "sign practice car". In the taxi operation in nearby Zhushan County of Zhuxi are all without any sign of private cars, according to the driver, the car has nearly 1000. Other parts of our province, although there are regular taxi, but the taxi is not standardized operation. Xiaogan North Station in the vicinity, unannounced visits found that, here the taxi passenger does not hit the table, so the taxi did not play table can carpool. At the same time the spread of the black car and the regular taxi management disorder, our province some local transport authorities are on the new network about cars face. In July 28th, the Yichang express driver drops Gong master send the passengers to the vehicle inspection station, transportation law enforcement officers received passengers detained after the signal Gong master vehicle, and he set out a $twenty thousand penalty notice, there are dozens of drivers and a gong master, in the same way, the same amount is Transport Department punishment. Twenty thousand yuan fine line in the end it is not compliance? Transportation management law enforcement officers will ask the driver why emphasize fine drops can find the company? As for why the amount of a fine of 20 thousand, Yichang City Transportation Bureau of the Three Gorges Dam Bureau staff said, the municipal government is meeting the. For this, Tang Chao, vice mayor of Yichang made it clear that the municipal government did not open on the network about the amount of punishment will be punished. In such a case, there are three problems: one is the process of law enforcement management is not standardized, two law enforcement uncivilized behavior, three is not the correct way of evidence. Yichang, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of communications, control laws and regulations, serious investigation, serious treatment, will not be tolerated. The state has just introduced the operation of the vehicle about the network management approach, Yichang is also developing specific implementation details, after the introduction of the rules, these problems can be completely resolved. The Yichang Municipal Bureau of transportation Comrade Ma Hongyan after watching the short film is very shocked, really is our law enforcement personnel style, ideological and moral problems, belong to the ‘fishing’ law enforcement." The provincial transportation department director He Guangzhong said, to intensify further network about cars and taxi reform, intensify the fight against the black car, and guide the masses to actively resist the black car. The transport authorities should further deepen reform, staffing in place, to completely solve the taxi management confusion and a process. Recommended reading: Photos: two fugitives hiding in the ravine within 1 weeks of output of 3 tons of methamphetamine photos: "pig" appeared in Yichang to sell squid crowd of a young woman in Wuhan to drink a bottle of "fragment of wine" 15 hours sleeping beauty live Korea three months into a "Red Net" like super million high clear: they in the stinking water river "gold"相关的主题文章: