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Apple and " safety door; " British Kate’s sister account stolen U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants Pippa (left) and sister original title: British Princess Kate’s sister Apple account was compromised 3000 private photos outflows last week, British Princess Kate sister Pippa (Pippa Middleton) iCloud ID. London Metropolitan Police on Saturday evening in England County in central Northampton arrested a 35 year old man suspected, the charges for the abuse of computer "". Because the account is stolen, more than 3 thousand photos of Pippa outflow including Kate and its children Prince George and princess Sherlock life etc.. An anonymous person who has contacted the British sun and the daily mail, ready to sell these photos. "The sun" said that the network is connected to the thief through the encryption information service software WhatsApp, signed as "crafty Cockney" (Crafty). "The crafty Cockney" said its hand and my wedding dress fitting as Pippa, and her fiance, Financier Mathews (James Matthews) in the nude. The anonymous person asking for a minimum of 50000 pounds, within the limit of 48 hours to pay. The William couple’s Kensington Palace did not comment. After the birth of a child, William and Kate has been to protect their privacy, as far as possible to allow them to live the lives of ordinary children, only released their very limited photos. In April 2011 Kate and Prince William’s wedding, Pippa as the maid of honor at the scene, dressed in eye-catching white dress popular personal designer. Pippa was born in 1983, with her sister married into the royal family, she was considered to be the hottest single women in britain. In July this year, Pippa and Mathews announced their engagement, plan to get married next year. The Pippa Apple account is stolen, reminiscent of the summer of 2014 the Hollywood stars nude storm. At that time, hacked Jennifer · Laurence and other popular female star iCloud account, a large number of them and publicly nude. Event also led to the user’s question about the security of apple account. Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: