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The first National Library Chinese began operations: a map read – in addition to science and technology Sohu "dry base" (i.e., gene, protein, molecular imaging, and other groups of bioinformatics database), the "wet" (diversity of biological samples and species genetic resources), the national gene bank also introduced the "living library" that is, the living library, including animal resources, plant resources, microbial resources and marine resources etc.. At present, the country has a variety of biological gene pool storage resources of 10 million samples; the initial establishment of genetic information data and biological sample collection, storage and management of the relevant standards and technical norms issued Shenzhen local standard 5, for domestic and international standard 10, domestic and foreign patent applications 46, published 8 monographs of genetic resources. To establish a strategic partnership with the national gene bank United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Consultative Group on international agricultural research, international environmental and biological sample library association, Norway American Museum of Natural History, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault more than and 100 organizations and research institutions to carry out cooperative research in human health, biodiversity, evolutionary mechanism. Now the national gene bank has carried out international national key scientific research projects have more than 20 cooperation projects, and has published more than 140 papers, in which the "natural" and "science", "cell" and other well-known scientific research journals published more than 30 papers. [advertising] entrance: buy U.S. stocks, tigers – ultra low commission, only 1 cents per share相关的主题文章: