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In 2020, the basic formation of Guangzhou as the center of the Pearl River delta 1 hour traffic circle "Guangzhou city comprehensive transportation development thirteenth five year plan" was approved in principle for aerial xinguang. Guangzhou Daily reporter Su Junjie photo "traffic planning" 8 13th Five-Year 1 important task. We will improve the airport infrastructure, optimize airspace resources, enhance the functions of the airport hub, and build an international aviation hub. 2. Accelerate the construction of port infrastructure, expand domestic and international routes, enhance the accessibility of ports, and build an international shipping hub. 3. Overall planning of the layout of Guangzhou railway hub, expand the railway strategic channel, improve inter city rail network, consolidate the status of the country’s four major railway hub and national intercity rail hub. 4. To improve the regional high expressway network to Guangzhou as the center, build efficient, convenient and unobstructed road network. 5. Improve the logistics infrastructure construction, optimize the logistics node layout system, the construction of international logistics center. 6. Promote a new round of subway network planning and construction, optimize the bus line network, to create a modern bus city. 7. With the help of "Internet plus big data and promote traffic information resources effectively, improve the level of refinement of traffic management. 8. Actively promote the construction of green traffic and safe transportation, to create a high quality green transport system. Guangzhou daily news (reporter Du Juan)   the next 5 years, Guangzhou traffic will be more convenient, the municipal government executive meeting yesterday by the "Five Year Plan" comprehensive traffic development in Guangzhou city in thirteenth, "13th Five-Year" period, Guangzhou city will focus on the location of traffic of comprehensive transportation hub, with the "strategic deployment of three strategic hub three, a riverbanks belt, more support, with the construction of network hub city as an opportunity to" international transportation hub "," comprehensive transportation service demonstration city "and" transit city to create work as the foothold, propulsion system of national railway, subway, city rail and highway construction, the realization of foreign high speed access, convenient to exchange, the formation of large traffic network system, from all sides extending in all directions.   public transportation system is increasingly perfect;       as the three major domestic hub airport, Baiyun International Airport into the "runway three" era, T2 terminal construction, passenger throughput of 55 million passengers, China ranked third in the global ranking rose from nineteenth to fifteenth. Guangzhou port Nansha port built the three phase of the main project, the port cargo throughput of about 5.2 tons, ranking the world’s port of sixth. Guiyang Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Shenzhen high-speed rail built up, the Pan Pearl River Delta economic circle gradually formed 4 hours; railway passenger volume has increased steadily, reaching nearly 140 million people. Highway total mileage of 972 kilometers, ranking first in the province, the country’s fourth. In August 2015, Guangzhou was selected as the national comprehensive transportation service demonstration city". In addition, the continuous improvement of the public transport system in Guangzhou, municipal transport facilities to strengthen the building, residents continue to improve travel. In November 2013, Guangzhou was selected as the national public transit city demonstration project". Metro Line 9.相关的主题文章: