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The 2016 Beijing fashion week 2017 blue clothing series – Sohu first released in September, the soft wind is cool. In September 23, 2016, as the core of the Beijing fashion capital of more than ten years to build a platform for the accumulation of the results of the exhibition, the Beijing fashion week in the 2016 cultural and creative industrial park officially opened the curtain. From Chinese, France, Italy and other countries of the top designers, fashion brands gathered here, gongxiangshengju. The 2016 Beijing fashion week by Beijing textile and clothing industry association, Beijing fashion holdings limited liability company, "fashion" magazine co sponsored by Beijing, Paris, Milan and other integration practices of five major international fashion week to the city name, stay open, service brand purpose, professional positioning based on internationalization, brand, fashion, the business, is committed to build a fashion brand exhibition promotion center, fashion trends released research center, commercial trading center. In this season’s fashion week, blue as the leader of Beijing fashion industry outstanding brand led the opening show, "LANDI 1990" as the theme, on behalf of Beijing to the global release of summer 2017 fashion trends. 26 years of vigorous development in blue Huangchenggen, under the leadership of chairman Xiao Wenjiu, not only become the outstanding representatives of Beijing and Chinese clothing industry surging decades of development, has become the Chinese creation as the core of the fashion industry to keep pace with the times, multiple parallel dance and the example of the power of today. In the 2016 Beijing fashion week such a hitherto unknown both ideological, commercial, artistic and ornamental, on behalf of Beijing and China fashion brand grand fashion culture activities, learn the blue Millennium heritage of the imperial culture, the essence of factor combined with global fashion, through 60 sets of high quality exquisite works of clothing, to the whole show the world "China fashion new era of cultural heritage, advanced technology, high standard quality and creativity" to create strength. On the same day, in the T blue fantasy, shining hung color light, with LANDI 1990 as the theme of the interpretation of a graceful feast of art. This season is inspired by the blue women many exquisite body, through the structural geometry and delicate to show a female elegant and confident; combined with the unique technology, texture light Chiffon design covered with mild intellectual charm; clearly understand how natural designers show beautiful and elegant women. A simple gold powder throughout the show, capable of tailoring and neat shape, quiet, introverted romantic interpretation of women’s rational to a proper extent, meanders East female as comfortable and toughness like water. It is worth mentioning that the LANDI stage debut by 3Dmiaapn technique, Kadinsky, Marxist Leninist works of Vecchi, with the aesthetic perspective of contemporary re interpretation of fashion, sometimes bright and sometimes color collocation configuration soft, let people experience the pure visual enjoyment. It is understood that the 2016 Beijing fashion week will continue until 29 this month, in the next few days will bloom countless wonderful release, many fashion trends Beijing fashion brand forum, Beijing fashion creative exhibition and a series of fashion.相关的主题文章: