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100 thousand can only buy local car? Too naive! These joint venture is good and cheap – Sohu car review this year’s Chengdu auto show, will find that SUV is no longer the limelight no two, but there are a lot of cars become the focus of attention. The following example of compact cars have attracted much attention in addition to the Kewozi dongben, and competitive Rui especially low-priced joint venture car menacing, it will undoubtedly intensify competition in the car 100 thousand yuan. At the same time, the original 100 thousand yuan in the compact car level dominant brand car Chinese pressure doubled, DearAuto green is the main editor used the word "kill" to describe the compression of China brand living space joint venture car price. To the broad, this competition is to Chinese brand cars start another wave of the playoffs, but for us consumers, the car less than 100 thousand yuan, and more and more and better choices. Again, the 100 thousand car is more worthy of choice than SUV, which we have said many times. The first wave have a sense of quality and brand China SUV joint small SUV floor price of more than one hundred thousand yuan, and with this wave of SUV vehicle platform technology, and even beyond the car price in 100 thousand yuan less than meet the eye everywhere. Geely CEO Ann smart mentioned, SUV cost is only 5% higher than the same grade car Geely CEO intelligence has also been mentioned in a public place, the cost of SUV is only higher than the same level of the car of 5%. But the contrast can be seen, the difference between the two is usually very large. SUV currently has so many premium, more from the current market for its hot, and the car is relatively a more rational choice. Honda fit guide price: 7.38-11.28 yuan before the car market in less than 100 thousand yuan, the joint venture brand only small cars such as the layout, and the Volkswagen Polo fit, etc.. Although there are many consumers because the choice of these models, or other low quality etc., but overall the small car market are shrinking rapidly, more and more people tend to choose the first car compact level instead of small level models. Buick Hideo guide price: 10.99-15.99 million compact car is currently the largest sales model level, many joint venture enterprises are trying to launch products and stick to the original 100 thousand yuan less than the compact car market Chinese brand competition, lower prices become the norm. Yinglang market offers in 20 thousand yuan, the actual purchase price as long as more than 80 thousand, which has been cut to the China brand models price interval. To reduce the cost of the joint venture brand Hideo as an example, with the article mentioned at the beginning of Kovoz (79 thousand and 900 yuan) is the same platform, and shared power components, such a move is in order to further reduce the cost and low price. It should be pointed out, Kewozi used excessive compression (not even spare) configuration method to reduce cost, reduce the price. Such an approach is not desirable, it is likely to lead to consumer upgrades Chinese consumers more negative.相关的主题文章: